call screen

call screen re-design



TextMe, Inc. was rolling out some new features and removing some outdated ones within the iOS TextMe, TextMe Up, and FreeTone apps. The call screen needed to be re-designed to reflect these changes and I was tasked with giving the call screen a refreshed look to be more competitive, display the proper features but still feel familiar to the old call screen.


Sketchbook, pencil, Sketch, Illustrator, and Zeplin


  • Ideation process

  • Research findings

  • Sketches and wireframing

  • Finished product uploaded to Zeplin for engineering


Research (as always), was an important step. Some key factors during my research were:

  • Ad placement and dark patterns (such as tapping the ad instead of “End Call”)

  • The call screen needed to be optimized for different size phones since 2.5% of our users use iPhone 5 and smaller


I moved quickly through this phase and came up with some fast and solid ideas on paper after identifying what traits were important in the new call screen. I moved to Sketch and got some quick hi-fi wireframes.

Something that I wanted to be unique to this new screen, was that I wanted each brand’s colors to really shine through. The old screen had a dark overlay with some secondary colors but I felt that it wasn’t enough. I also wanted the users to know how they were talking to through both picture and text.



The team decided on the call screen with the single row of icons without and each app’s branded gradient overlay. We launched the call screen and the team considers it a success. It is hard to measure the success but we can look at help tickets and reviews regarding the changes.


1. Take a chance. I choose to remove the names below the icons because I felt confident that users who were downloading a calling/texting app had called enough people in their day and would be able to identify “Mute,” “"Bluetooth,” etc. - I’m glad I did because it gave back some real estate on the screen and allowed for a more visually appealing design.