gamified minis

gamified minis



A small “playable” gallery the the user is able to tap through.

When the user taps the “coat color” of one of the horses on the left hand side, the image on the right hand side changes to display the corresponding horse and character.


Pacific Rim Uprising (UNIVERSAL STUDIOS)

Designed to promote the new Pacific Rim Uprising film, an interactive slider ad unit was designed to engage users.

The main image starts with all three robots, but when the user slides up, the robot’s inner-workings are revealed. The user can slide the bar back down to reveal the original movie artwork again.



Tasked with designing an interactive ad unit that the user was able to spin in 360 degrees to promote the new HP Spectre x360.

The user would spin the laptop around and as the laptop was spun, certain hot spots would appear to highlight the different features of the new laptop. The user could either learn more about the features by tapping them and reading more via a pop-up or continue to spin the laptop in 360 degrees.

An option to purchase and learn more was on the final screen.