subscription carousel

subscription carousel



TextMe, Inc. was planning on adding more features to their Premium subscription and to highlight the new features, I was tasked with designing the subscription screen for all of TextMe, Inc.’s iOS and Android telecommunication apps. This project could have a huge impact because the company was thinking of moving from a free-mium model to a subscription based model.


Sketchbook, pencil, Sketch, and Zeplin


  • Ideation process

  • Competitor research

  • Wireframing

  • Finished product uploaded to Zeplin for engineering


The conclusion that the team came to, that found a balance between a user experience that stands out from the branding of the current app and one that highlights the multiple features of both subscriptions, was a flashy carousel.

Each subscription carousel was designed with the idea in mind that the user is immediately introduced to the different in-app purchases available, they’re presented with the information quickly, it’s easy to digest, and the process to purchasing the subscription is simple and not filled with additional steps. We want the user to get to what they want, as quick as possible.

Multiple screens were designed for A/B/C testing upon implementation.