VPN 4U iOS app

VPN 4U iOS app




VPN 4U is the new product that was launched by VeryPrivateNetwork, Inc.

My role as the primary and sole designer was to design the icon and logo, user interface, and experience, and build/maintain a design system around the new product.

The challenge with this, was that we were launching it to the Apple App Store quickly and I had a short timeline to deliver a finished design to stakeholders and engineering.


Sketchbook, post-it notes, pencil, Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, and Zeplin


  • Ideation process

  • Competitor research

  • Wireframing

  • Hi-fi clickable prototype and icon/logo proposal

  • Finished product uploaded to Zeplin for engineering


Before beginning any work on the app I began my competitive landscape research by looking at the different VPN mobile apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Initially, we planned to launch the app on iOS but will later be adapting it to Android so it was important that my research covered both platforms.


I identified, on a high level basis, what I wanted the product to look like based on my research and ideas from key stakeholders on the team. Key factors I took into consideration while sketching were:

  1. Colors - our team still wanted the same look and feel of our other products, but something different for the new product

  2. In-app icons - how many would I need, what would they look like - filled in/sharp?

  3. Logo - did we want something evocative, sharp, and dark (reminiscent of the dark web) or lighter, airy, and bright?

  4. Information - what information did we need to display and what would we like to present to the user

I began sketching my ideas on paper and moved these ideas into Sketch and illustrator once I had some solid foundations.



The icon, color themes, and wireframes were presented to our key stakeholders, along with my research, and the ideas were narrowed down and selected. From this point, I was able to begin thinking about the product as a whole and what the design system might look like within the app. I started creating icons that meshed visually within the app, and a color theme that was inviting and evoked a sense of trustworthiness.



This was my first time launching an app from conception to completion and I learned a great deal during the process.

1. It’s important to think of the process as a whole. Having a strong product strategy, vision, and road map is integral to the entire design and will help guide the process and my design decisions in the future.

2. Spend more time on the prototype. I moved quickly through the first few stages because of the time crunch we were on, but there should’ve been more time spent on the prototype, hashing out some of the finer details.